The Unbound Scriptures

by Rick Norris

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Information from the author:

This 540+ page book can be used as a sourcebook to examine the many claimes of the KJV-only view. It provides documented information that answers the claims of Peter Ruckman, Samuel Gipp, Gail Riplinger, William Grady, D.A. Waite, Mickey Carter, and many others. Based on over a dozen years of study and research, it provides one of the most complete bibliographies of books relating to the topic of Bible translation. It includes important information about the history of our English Bibles and about the view of Bible translation in the 1500 and 1600's. The evidence will show that a consistent application of KJV-only claims harms the KJV and the earlier English Bibles of which it was a revision. Are many KJV-only claims "irrefutable" or mistaken? Check out the evidence for yourself. The author [B.A. with major in Bible and M.R. E.] is a fundamentalist and independent Baptist.

Some of the topics discussed in my book include the following: KJV-only view variations, claim of no standard with the KJV, copyright, archaic words, claim of superiority of KJV translators, character of King James, rules for the translators, revision, marginal notes, italics, genetic fallacy, ad hominem argument, post hoc fallacy, argument from experience, results, tradition, or antiquity, doctrines of inerrancy and inspiration, claim of advanced revelation, line of good Bibles argument, claim concerning inspired words, claim of no salvation without the KJV, uniformly verses variety of translation, the name of God & Christ and the KJV, and burden of proof.

Comments about book The Unbound Scriptures

"This long-awaited volume should immediately find a spot on every pastor’s bookshelf and be carefully read by every teacher and Christian who wishes to be informed on the Bible translation issue. … We are glad to recommend it."
--Dr. Robert Sumner, editor of The Biblical Evangelist and author of several books [review in January-February, 2004, issue, p. 2]

"This book should be read by every pastor and student of the Bible who has been troubled by this new dogma and by those who have been pressured into accepting this view without valid proof."
--James D. Price, Ph.D., executive editor of NKJV’s O. T.

"Unbound Scriptures is an outstanding study of the various KJV arguments."
--Fred Butler, former KJV-only advocate,

"The book is extensively documented, well-researched, easy to read, and refutes much of the lies and misinformation that is being spread today."
--Rod Mattoon, pastor and author of several commentaries. This quote is found in his book Treasures from Romans, p. 514.

"Rick’s book is highly recommended for any reader struggling with the KJV-only view."
--Gary Zeolla, editor of Darkness to Light newsletter and author of Differences Between Bible Versions and Analytical-Literal Translation of the N. T.

"Regardless of where one stands on the King James Version-only controversy, The Unbound Scriptures will be of prime interest on the subject. One cannot help but admire the labor that has gone into this volume; it is filled with readable information."
--review in the Baptist Bulletin, July, 2004, p. 40.

"Rick has just published a ‘magnum opus’ on the KJO issue called, The Unbound Scriptures."
--Charles R. Wood, A Pastoral Epistle, November, 2003 issue [Vol. 17, No. 183].

"Norris has examined with great care and thoroughness--and patience that might make Job envious--an immense quantity of KJV-only literature. From it, he has compiled the general and specific claims of KJVOism and has shown by fully documented evidence that a very large percentage of what is confidently affirmed regarding the KJV is based on ignorance of the facts, denial of documented facts, and misrepresentation of the facts."
--Doug Kutilek, M. A., Th.M.; author, Bible teacher in Biblical languages and Bible exposition

"Norris’s position is not new--it is the time old historic position of Spurgeon, Moody, Torrey, Warfield, John R. Rice, Clearwaters, Bob Jones, and scores more."
--Ed Reese, editor of Reese Chronological Bible