Test Your Knowledge of the King James Version

and other translations: A Brief Survey

by Rick Norris

True or False

1._____The King James Version became the official version of the Church of England, replacing the Bishops' Bible.
2. _____The KJV was the first English Bible to be published without the Apocrypha.
3. _____There were two different editions of the KJV published in 1611.
4. _____Some of the translators of the KJV were involved in persecuting other believers, even to the point of burning two men at the stake for their religious beliefs.
5._____Some of the KJV translators claimed that one man, Archbishop Richard Bancroft, made fourteen changes in their translation without their approval.
6. _____Some of the translators of the KJV were Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and Independents while the rest were Anglicans.
7. _____One of the KJV translators had a brother that was one of the translators of the earlier Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible.
8. _____The publishing of English-language Bibles including the KJV was permitted in America before the Revolutionary War.
9. _____ The KJV did not update or revise any of the words in the earlier English Bibles.
10._____Tyndale's Old Testament used the rendering "Jehovah" at least fifteen times where the KJV does not.
11. _____ The 1611 KJV has "seek good" at Psalm 69:32 while present KJV's have "seek God."
12. _____ In the book of Acts, the Great Bible has over 100 words that are not found in the KJV.
13. _____ The 1535 Coverdale's Bible does not have the rendering "penance," which was sometimes used in the earlier 1389 Wycliffe's Bible from the Latin Vulgate.
14. _____ The KJV N.T. was the seventh English translation of the New Testament.
15. _____ Erasmus was a Reformer like Martin Luther.
16. _____ Charles Thomson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and secretary of the Continental Congress, made the first English translation from the Septuagint and the first complete English translation by an American.
17. _____ The KJV updated some archaic uses of "quick" with "living" at some verses in the earlier English Bibles.
18. _____ The earlier English Bibles such as Tyndale's, Coverdale's, and Matthew's do not have any missing verses and phrases when compared to the KJV.
19. _____ Erasmus admired Jerome, translator of the Vulgate.
20. _____ King James was a great, godly king, who loved the Puritans.

Multiple Choice

21. The King James Version was the _____ authorized version of the Church of England. 22. The most popular and best loved English Bible of the common people in the early 1600's in England was the ________. 23. In terms of human influence, the majority of renderings or translations in the KJV should be credited to ______. 24. Erasmus, editor of the Greek N. T. was a/an _____.
25. The first English translation to have only "Lord Jesus" at Acts 16:31 instead of "Lord Jesus Christ" as in the KJV was _____.

Here are the answers.