As I See It - The Collection

by Douglas K Kutilek

["As I See It" is a monthly electronic magazine compiled and edited by Doug Kutilek. Its purpose is to address important issues of the day and to draw attention to worthwhile Christian and other literature in order to aid believers in Jesus Christ, especially pastors, missionaries and Bible college and seminary students to more effectively study and teach the Word of God. The editor's perspective is that of an independent Baptist of fundamentalist theological persuasion.

AISI is sent free to all who request it by writing to the editor at: You can be removed from the mailing list at the same address.

All articles by the editor (unless otherwise noted) may be reproduced for distribution, provided the following conditions are met: 1. articles must be reproduced in unedited, unabridged form; 2. the writer must be properly credited; and, 3. such reproduction must be for free distribution only. Permission to distribute in any other form must be secured in writing beforehand. Permission for reproduction in Christian print periodicals will generally be given.]

Webmaster's note

Many of Doug Kutilek's articles, although all very good, have little or nothing to do with the Bible Versions debate. Those articles that are predominantly dealing with the Bible Versions issue are marked with a . Also, the opinions expressed in these articles are those of Doug Kutilek and not necessarily those of the webmaster.